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White House Aide To Skeptical Journalists: No Contingency Plan On Health Law

The job of a White House press secretary is to stay on message no matter how disbelieving the journalists before you. Earnest did what he was paid to do despite the obvious skepticism of journalists to his assertions that the White House had no contingency plans in case the high court strikes down the health law or was pleased with the solicitor general's performance.
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D.C. Council Considers Forgoing Automatic Raises

Members of the D.C. Council are scheduled to receive $3,000 cost of living increase to their salaries this year, but many are signing waivers, saying it's not fair for them to get pay increases while other city workers do not.


Supreme Court Limits Damage Payments To Whistle-Blowers

By a 5-3 majority, the court ruled that people who sue the government for invading their privacy can only recover out-of-pocket damages. And whistle-blowers' lawyers say that leaves victims who suffer emotional trouble and smeared reputations with few if any options.

Oral Arguments Outside The Supreme Court, As Well

What happens when impassioned demonstrators come this close to each other? Opponents and defenders of the new national health care law found out this week, sometimes facing off outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the justices inside heard three days of oral arguments on the law's constitutionality.

Rep. Bobby Rush's Hoodie Moment Recalls His Own Family Tragedy

Rep. Bobby Rush's hoodie moment on the House floor has deeper meaning when you recall that Rush also lost a son to gun violence. Huey Rice, 29, was shot to death in 1999 by strangers on a Chicago street.

Justices Ask: Can Health Law Stand If Mandate Falls?

By the end of Wednesday's argument, it seemed pretty clear that if there are five votes to strike down the individual mandate, there likely are five votes to strike down the entire Obama health care overhaul.

How Oil Taxes Will Make A Mark On Campaigning

Both Republicans and Democrats think they have the upper hand as the Senate takes up a bill that would end oil company tax breaks. NPR's David Welna explains how the debate in the Senate is likely to frame the debate this fall in the campaign.