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There's A Reason They Call It A Battleground State

Ohio has been a key swing state in the last three presidential races. But there's a tone in the state this year that seems to go beyond any divisiveness that we've witnessed before. And it runs from the presidential contest to the Senate clash to a particularly bitter House race.

Florida Officials Investigate Fake Voter Eligibility Letters

It's a sign that Election Day is getting closer: increasing reports of efforts to intimidate or mislead voters. Letters from an unknown source have been sent to voters in at least 20 Florida counties questioning their citizenship and eligibility to vote.

Analysis: Romney Debate Strategy Shows He Thinks He's In the Driver's Seat

The retracting of the Romney horns was too obvious to be spontaneous. That is not the way the GOP nominee and his team operate. They have decided that polls in their favor are now the contest's defining factor. So their tactics for the third debate went from "go after him" to "don't blow it."

Debate Round 3: Split Decision Or Knock Out?

The presidential candidates squared off in their final debate on Monday, sparring over foreign policy and national security. Host Michel Martin discusses the debate with speechwriters Mary Kate Cary, who has worked with Republicans, and Paul Orzulak, who has worked with Democrats.

Experts In International Relations Assess Debate

Steve Inskeep talks with Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute and Vali Nasr, a former adviser to the Obama administration and dean of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, about Monday night's presidential debate focused on foreign policy.

Close Read: Debate No. 3, On Foreign Policy

A team of NPR correspondents joins Steve Inskeep to give Monday night's Presidential debate a "Close Read." The third and final presidential debate focused on foreign policy and covered a wide range of issues. The reporters include: Michele Kelemen, Tom Bowman, Frank Langfitt, Peter Kenyon, Tom Gjelten and Dina Temple-Raston.

Candidates Inject Economy Into Foreign Policy Debate

President Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney met for the third — and final — presidential debate Monday night. The focus was foreign policy.

Why Are Elections On Tuesdays?

The answer dates back to the 19th century and involves buggies, the Sabbath and farming.