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Romney's Jobs Plan Relies On His Tax Proposal

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney thinks the best way to boost employment is through a reduction in tax rates. Critics say it would be difficult for Romney's plan to work without ending some popular deductions.

In Calif., 2 Democrats, 2 Incumbents, 1 Race

One of the toughest, and strangest, congressional races in the country is between two Los Angeles incumbents. Redistricting put Democrats Howard Berman and Brad Sherman into the same territory. Their faceoff in this election is a result of California's new non-partisan primary system, which sends the top two finishers to the general election, even if they're from the same party.

Obama's Jobs Plan Focuses On Federal Investment

His plan calls for more spending on infrastructure, a tax cut for firms that hire new workers, aid to state and local governments, and a program to rebuild schools. An analyst who has studied it says the infrastructure part makes sense, but the rest is less potent.

Romney's Debate Performance Swings Polls In His Favor

In the latest Pew poll, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney leads President Obama 49-45.

Presidential Politics: Making The Sale

With less than one month until election day, host Guy Raz speaks to John Dickerson of Slate Magazine and political scientist Mo Fiorina about inherent flaws in the way we evaluate presidential candidates — and NPR's Mara Liasson weighs in on the week in politics.