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Romney To Latino Voters: 'You Have An Alternative'

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney addressed Latino elected officials in Orlando on Thursday. After a primary season in which he talked of "self-deportation" among immigrants and vowed to veto the Dream Act, Romney was greeted skeptically. He said his immigration policy would include a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who serve in the U.S. military and green cards for those who earn advanced degrees in the U.S.

Bipartisan Support Boosts Farm Bill Through Senate

The massive farm bill cleared the Senate on Thursday, setting up negotiations with the House over changes in a number of programs, including crop insurance and food stamps.

Rubio On Compromise, Immigration And His 'Union Activist' Past

Sen. Marco Rubio talked to NPR's Robert Siegel about his evolution from liberal child to Tea Party darling. The senator viewed as a potential Republican vice presidential choice has just released a new memoir.
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Englin Resigns From Virginia House In Wake Of Sex Scandal

Virginia Democratic delegate David Englin has announced his resignation Thursday, in order to coordinate a special election for his replacement with the November election.


Romney Softens Rhetoric, If Not Policies, In Speech To Latino Leaders

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney gets a tepid reception at a gathering of Latino leaders, but says Obama is taking their vote for granted.