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Boehner: 'Raising Tax Rates Is Unacceptable'

In an interview with ABC News, House Speaker John Boehner drew the battle lines over the coming "fiscal cliff" negotiations.

Voters In Swing Counties Revisit Election Issues

Now that the election is over, Morning Edition is getting back in touch with some voters we met over the summer in swing counties in Florida, Wisconsin and Colorado.

Romney Campaign Needed 'Conservative Issues'

Steve Inskeep talks to conservative activist Richard Viguerie about why he thinks Governor Romney lost his bid for the White House. Viguerie says Romney should have campaigned on the Republican Party's platform.

CBO: 'Fiscal Cliff' Could Put U.S. Back In Recession

A new Congressional Budget Office report explores the economic and budget impacts of the "fiscal cliff. The non-partisan government agency warns automatic tax hikes and spending cuts could do serious damage to the economy.

'Let Mitt Be Mitt': But Who Was He?

One of the biggest challenges Mitt Romney faced in his presidential campaign was the question of likability. Almost everyone who knows him likes him, but that likable guy was hard to find on the campaign trail — until the very end.

Likely Suspects: Guessing Obama's Second-Term Cabinet

A number of people are in the running for Cabinet appointments in President Obama's second term.

For Religious Conservatives, Election Was A 'Disaster'

"Our message was rejected by millions of Americans who went to the polls," says Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He says evangelicals now need to approach politics in a fundamentally different way.
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U.S.-Africa Relations And The Road Ahead

We explore the future of U.S.-Africa relations, and find out why many experts are urging a reset with Africa in President Barack Obama's second term.