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Analysis: Another Delay On Financial Disclosure Rules For Staffers

CQ Roll Call's David Hawkings talks about the latest delay in implementing a rule that would require thousands of legislative and executive staff members to post their financial disclosures online.

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Analysis: Investigation Into D.C. Mayor Gray's 2010 Campaign Picks Up

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the latest into the investigation of D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray's 2010 campaign.


Why A 'Fiscal Cliff' Failure Could Help The Economy

If President Obama and Congress can't make a deal this month, the economy could fall into recession while tax bills go up for nearly every American. On the other hand, it would do a lot to erase the nation's deficit.
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The Craft Of Speechwriting

Speeches are the most effective way to rally people to your cause. Kojo discovers what goes into crafting a great speech.

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Liberating (And Protecting) Health Data

Tech Tuesday talks with Bryan Sivak, the chief technology officer at the Department of Health and Human Services.


In Farmers Market, A Free Market Rises In Cuba

Farmers in the communist nation were once banned from freely selling their crops. As the country struggles to feed itself, the government has begun to accept a greater role for the profit motive. Now each night, in a muddy vacant lot on the edge of Havana, a market appears after sundown.
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Cracking Down On Wildlife Trafficking

International wildlife trafficking has become more organized, lucrative and lethal. Efforts by the U.S. State Department to crack down on the illegal trade.

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The Mortgage Interest Deduction And The U.S. Housing Market

The mortgage interest deduction is a key factor in many household budgets and the overall housing market. Who would be hurt and who would be helped if Congress changes the rules.

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Maryland Lawmakers, Waiting For Fiscal Cliff, Hold Off On State Budget Talks

Maryland's top lawmakers want to hold off on major state budget talks until Congress finishes negotiations on pending across the board budget cuts known  as the fiscal cliff.