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For Cartoonists Who Cover Obama: Four More Ears

Four years ago, when the nation's first African-American president was inaugurated, even conservative editorial cartoonists marked the moment with reverence. Now, not so much. Political cartoonists Scott Stantis of the Chicago Tribune and Matt Wuerker of Politico weigh in on the evolution of a president's image.

Obama's First Oath Of Office Remembered As Less Than Smooth

At Monday's inauguration, it may be assumed that President Obama is taking the oath of office for the second time. But it will actually be the fourth. Nina Totenberg talks to Robert Siegel.

Obama's Campaign-Turned-Advocacy Group Raises Questions About Money

The Obama campaign, with its blockbuster fundraising lists, is being converted into a 501c4 advocacy group. In a video this morning, First Lady Michelle Obama announced that Obama For America, the juggernaut campaign committee, is becoming Organizing For Action. The move raises controversial issues about the political uses of a tax-exempt group.

Speechwriters: After Bland First Inaugural, Second Is Tougher For Obama

Writers for past presidents say President Obama must be visionary and inclusive but also realistic in his second inaugural address. And many of the usual speechwriting crutches are off-limits: no jokes, no statistics and no funny quotes.

Republicans Offer Three-Month Increase In Debt Ceiling

GOP leaders in the House say that will give Democrats in the Senate time to pass a budget that cuts spending. And if Congress doesn't pass a budget, they say, lawmakers shouldn't get their full pay. The move could put off another bruising battle over the borrowing limit.

Grand Jury Indicts Ray Nagin On Corruption Charges

Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin has been indicted on 21 counts of bribery and other corruption charges by a federal grand jury. When he became the city's mayor in 2002, Nagin, a former cable TV executive, promised to revive New Orleans' economy, and its trust in the city's government.
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O'Malley's Gun Control Plan: Licensing, Assault Weapons Ban

A sweeping proposal to enhance gun control measures was introduced by Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley Friday, including a ban on military-style assault weapons and stringent licensing requirements for gun buyers.