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The History Lessons Obama Hopes We'll Learn

Presidents use references to great events as a way of acknowledging that what unites Americans is not ethnicity or even language but ideas and a shared past. President Obama cited historical moments in his inaugural; look for similar touchstones at the State of the Union address.

What To Serve At A State Of The Union Party: 'Sour Grapes And Whine'

When NPR White House correspondent Ari Shapiro posed that question to his 125,000 Facebook followers, plenty of people jumped at the chance for a show of wit. Let the bon mots roll!

Rosa Parks Statue, Capitol's First Of African-American Woman, To Be Dedicated

The late civil rights icon's statue will join those in the National Statuary Hall Collection. The dedication is set for Feb. 27.

The Sticky Questions Surrounding Drones And Kill Lists

Scott Shane, a national security correspondent for The New York Times, speaks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the drone-related stories he has helped break, including the revelation that President Obama personally approves targeted strikes against suspected terrorists.

Newtown Teacher Among First Lady's State Of The Union Guests

Judging from the people invited to sit with the first lady, the subjects the president will focus on include gun violence, the economy and the war in Afghanistan.

Voting Along Party Lines, Senate Panel Approves Chuck Hagel Nomination

Conventional wisdom is that the Senate will move to approve Hagel as defense secretary before the end of this week.


Cheney Likes Something Obama's Doing: Drone Strikes

The former vice president thinks the current president's national security team is "second rate." Cheney tells CBS that the president's policies are making the nation "vulnerable." But he thinks using drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists is "a good program."

What to Expect From The President

Even with the election behind him, the stakes are still high for President Obama, with his State of the Union speech. Host Michel Martin speaks with former Democratic speechwriter, Paul Orzulak and Republican strategist, Ron Christie, about what it will take for the President to hit the right notes.