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D.C.& Maryland Primary Election Wrap-Up

We take a look at the results of primary elections in Maryland and the District of Columbia.


On Tour With Nancy Pelosi, Fundraising Rock Star

In the last decade, Pelosi has raised close to $300 million for Democrats. We recently traveled with Pelosi on a fundraising trip.

Health Care Ruling Could Impact Presidential Race

The health care case and other high profile Supreme Court rulings expected in June suggest that the justices may become a bigger part of this year's presidential race than the court has been in decades.

It's All Politics, March 29, 2012

The GOP starts to coalesce behind Romney, but don't tell Santorum just yet. And Gingrich has a new way to get to the nomination. Meanwhile, new calculations on President Obama this week, based on the Court taking up health care and the reaction to the Trayvon Martin killing.

RNC's 'Doctored' And Panned SCOTUS Ad Gets Noticed Which Was Goal

By the standards of marketing, especially political ads, the RNC's ad is a great success since it has generated so much free media, including blog posts like this.