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With New Congress, GOP Could Ditch Boehner As Speaker

Audie Cornish talks to Manu Raju, congressional correspondent for Politico, about John Boehner's leadership as House Speaker since first taking the position back in November 2010, and more recently with the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Includes Breaks For Tuna Canneries, Rum Makers

The bill that Congress passed late Tuesday includes many provisions that have nothing to do with the so-called "fiscal cliff." Ari Shapiro talks to Audie Cornish about how tax breaks for tuna canneries and ceiling fans ended up in the deal.

With Cliff Averted, Other Fiscal Challenges Remain

Robert Siegel speaks with Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., about his vote to pass the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, and what it means moving forward for the GOP and its leadership in Congress.
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Congressman Jim Moran Explains Opposition To Fiscal Cliff Deal

Congressman Jim Moran (D-Va.) was one of few Democrats to oppose the fiscal cliff deal approved by the House, saying he was disappointed with the concessions made by party leaders for wealthy Americans.


Bidding Adieu To Congressional Trailblazers

The drama over the fiscal cliff and the familiar up-against-a-deadline dysfunction of Congress has largely overshadowed the leave-taking of some Capitol Hill originals. A look at the legacies of Barney Frank, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Olympia Snowe, Richard Lugar and Joe Lieberman.