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A Review Of 2012 Confirms A 'Pulverizing' Level Of Political Ads

Money flooding in from outside groups contributed to 33 percent more political TV ads in 2012 than 2008. The ads pounded away at voters' eyeballs and ears in just a few targeted cities in battleground states.
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O'Malley Takes On Death Penalty In Maryland Senate Hearing

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley tackled another of his legislative priorities on Thursday, testifying against the death penalty before a Senate committee.

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Ladies In Red: Congresswomen Call Attention To Heart Health

Female lawmakers on Capitol Hill came to work wearing red on Valentine's, not to celebrate the holiday for lovers, but to call attention to the risk of heart disease for American women.


Obama's Road Trip To Conclude With Florida Break

President Obama will cap off a busy week of politicking with some R&R in Florida, traveling to the West Palm Beach area for what his spokesman called "some well-deserved downtime."
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Moms Call For Gun Control On Capitol Hill

A group of concerned mothers has used Valentine's Day as a platform to call on Congressional lawmakers to enact what they describe as common sense gun control reforms.


Chicago Youth Hopeful, Cautious Ahead of President's Visit

President Obama visits Chicago Friday to talk about gun violence. But some of the people most affected say their voices aren't being heard. Host Michel Martin speaks with Aisha Truss-Miller and Chris Buford of the Black Youth Project, the group whose petition led to presidential visit.
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Gavin Newsom: "Citizenville: How To Take The Town Square Digital And Reinvent Government" (Rebroadcast)

California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has been on the cutting edge of technology and social issues. The former mayor of San Francisco on making government better in the digital age.

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Maryland On Track To Implement Health Care Reform By 2014

Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown went before state lawmakers this week to outline his plans to implement federal health care reform.

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Virginia House Beats Senate In Annual Basketball Game

One Virginia House member took to the floor in Richmond yesterday to gloat that the House's basketball team beat the Senate's team in an annual friendly grudge match.