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Governors Convene For Winter Meeting, Urge Budget Agreement

Governors are preparing to deal with the March 1 federal spending cuts at this week's National Governors Association winter meeting.


Top GOP Voter ID Crusader Loses Virginia Election Panel Post

To those who closely follow the voter ID wars, Hans von Spakovsky is a household name, one of the nation's leading and controversial crusaders against voter fraud. So it was news that the Republican lawyer failed to get a second term on the electoral board of Virginia's largest county.

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Maryland Senate To Take Up Death Penalty, Gun Reform

Votes on two of Gov. Martin O'Malley's priority measures are expected in the next couple of weeks.


Liberal Watchdog Group: 'Fix The Debt' Movement More Astroturf Than Grassroots

Center for Media and Democracy says Fix The Debt — a key unit in philanthropist Pete Peterson's corps of organizations to battle the national debt — is a well-funded, pro-business enterprise. A Fix The Debt spokesman scoffs at the claim.

Recovering From Scandal, Mark Sanford Eyes Political Return

The former South Carolina governor made national headlines four years ago when he tearfully resigned as head of the Republican Governors Association because of an extramarital affair. He's now staging a political comeback, however, and is the frontrunner in a special election for his old House seat. Weekend Edition guest host Don Gonyea speaks to political blogger Brad Warthen about Sanford's prospects.

A Sequester Primer: Defense, Transportation And The Economy

Weekend Edition guest host Don Gonyea talks with a team of NPR correspondents about the federal spending cuts that will take effect March 1 unless lawmakers reach agreement on deficit reduction. Correspondents Tom Bowman, Julie Rovner and Brian Naylor look at possible cuts in defense, health and transportation spending. Correspondent John Ydstie looks at the potential economic impact of the spending cuts.