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GOP Michigan Congressman To Run Write-In Campaign

Thaddeus McCotter's campaign fell far short of the number of petition signatures he needs to qualify for the August primary ballot. Compounding his troubles: It appears election fraud may have played a part in the failure.

Maine Independent Aims To Be Senate King, Acknowledges Potted Plant Potential

The most potentially influential politician you've probably never heard of, former two-term Maine Gov. Angus King, on Tuesday officially entered the race to replace retiring moderate GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe. King is running as an independent as control of the U.S. Senate is up for grabs.

Watching Big Brother: Privacy Board Delayed

An oversight board designed to protect privacy rights by making sure the government doesn't overstep its bounds has been authorized for years. But politics seems to be getting in the way of launching the panel.

Fueled By Outside Money, Ad Blitz Hasn't Stopped For Weary Iowans

It's not even summer yet, and the dust from the primaries has barely settled. But in battleground states, things seem especially intense already this election season. The big change this year is the rise of outside advocacy groups, which are paying for most of what seem like nonstop TV ads.

Talk Of Union Rights Fades In Wis. Recall Election

The long march to recall Governor Scott Walker is nearing its end, with Walker leading slightly in the polls and by a large margin in TV spending. The original dispute has turned into a broader gubernatorial election fight.

Even After Texas Primary, Romney Will Remain The 'Presumptive' Nominee

When the polls close in Texas Tuesday, most media outlets and likely even the Mitt Romney campaign will declare that he has secured enough delegates to win the Republican nomination for president. For what it's worth, that's not technically the case.

No Way She'll Run For Senate In 2016, Michelle Obama Says

Of course, another Democratic first lady — Hillary Rodham Clinton — also once ruled out getting into politics herself. Soon after, she was elected to the Senate. But Obama says she's "absolutely not" interested in a political career of her own.