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GOP Rolls Out Campaign To Repeal Health Care

Facing an unexpected ruling validating the Affordable Care Act, Republicans in Congress promised to redouble efforts to repeal it, starting with another vote in the House early next month. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's David Welna to explain the battle ahead.

Obama's Health Care-Infused, Fire-Stoked Week

A day after the Supreme Court essentially upheld his signature health care law, President Obama flew to Colorado to meet with first responders to the wild fires. NPR's Scott Horsley wraps the president's week.

Student Loan Deal Pales Against Other Education Cuts

Congress passed a bill Friday to keep the interest rate on government-backed student loans from doubling. It's a victory for students, but other compromises by Congress could cost them a lot more in the long run.

Court's Recent Rulings Shake Up Partisan Narrative

Supreme Court decisions have tended to fall along partisan lines in recent years. But neither the Arizona immigration ruling nor the decision upholding the federal health care law followed the typical divide. Many observers say it will help the court's standing to appear above politics.

Opponents Of Secondary Provisions In Health Care Law Look To Lower Courts

When the Supreme Court upheld the central tenet of President Obama's health care law, it meant that lower-court fights over contraceptive coverage and other parts of the sweeping legislation can move forward.

Ironies Abound In New Romney Ad

The commercial uses the Washington Post and Hillary Clinton circa 2008 to attack President Obama and his campaign for dishonesty. They're not exactly the usual suspects in Republican ads.