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Vulnerable Senate Seats In The Spotlight As Fall Nears

Audie Cornish speaks with Jennifer Duffy, senior editor at the Cook Political Report, about the handful of close races that could tip the balance in Senate to the Republicans this fall.

Poll: Ryan As Running Mate Helps Romney In Wisconsin, But Just A Bit

Obama won the state handily in 2008 with more than 56 percent of the vote. But Wisconsin is now up for grabs, and some pundits had predicted that Romney's pick of Ryan, a longtime congressman from Janesville, Wis., would move the needle for the GOP ticket.

Political Junkie: Todd Akin And Negative Campaigning

After his comments about rape caused an uproar, Republican Rep. Todd Akin says he's staying in the Missouri Senate race. NPR's Neal Conan and Politico's Charlie Mahtesian discuss the fallout. Politix editor David Mark also joins in for an examination of negative campaign tactics.

In Ad Battle, Obama Banking On Wind-Power Message In Key Swing States

In Colorado and Iowa, two states considered up for grabs in the presidential race, a battle over alternative energy policy is playing a growing role in the debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney.
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Sen. Mikulski To Speak At Democratic Nation Convention

Senator Barbara Mikulski joins a growing list of D.C. Metro politicians that will occupy high-profile speaking spots at political conventions in the next few weeks.


Deficit To Be $1.1 Trillion, Unemployment To Stay Above 8 Percent, CBO Says

The nonpartisan analysis arm of Congress has released its latest forecasts on the budget and the economy.

Romney And GOP Strike Deal With Ron Paul Loyalists Before Convention

The deal allows some of the Texas congressman's delegates to be seated at the Republican National Convention. The compromise would appear to avert a potential public clash with Paul supporters during next week's festivities.