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John Boehner Has Been Up And Down And Up Again. Where Is He Now?

It's been a rough couple of weeks for John Boehner. He was all but shut out of the fiscal cliff deal, dissed by his own party, and suffered 12 GOP defections when re-elected as speaker. But did he emerge from all of this as a loser? It's not that simple.

Hagel Expected To Be Picked As Defense Secretary

President Obama is expected to nominate former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska as Defense secretary. The potential nomination of Hagel has already drawn sharp criticism, particularly from fellow Republicans.
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Candidates For D.C.'s Special Election Struggle To Get Signatures

Nearly 20 candidates have filed paperwork to run in D.C.'s special election in April, but the biggest hurdle may be getting on the ballot.


Could Reviving Earmarks Get Congress Moving Again?

The so-called "Bridge to Nowhere" came to symbolize all that's wrong with earmarks in Congress. But during the past few weeks, as Speaker John Boehner struggled to rally support for his alternate tax plan, some said earmarks could have helped him convince fellow Republicans to push legislation through the House.

GOP Senators Warn Of Tough Road For Hagel Nomination

President Obama will on Monday name former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel to be his next defense secretary, an administration official confirmed to NPR. Hagel's past comments on Iran, Israel and gays have come under scrutiny.
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Delaney Calls For Grand Bargain Deal To Address Budget Crisis

New lawmakers in the region are calling for a grand bargain to deal with the nation's budget problems.


Former Sen. Scott Brown May Be Eyeing Quick Return To Washington

The Massachusetts Republican left Congress this week after losing in a contentious race to Democrat Elizabeth Warren. But if John Kerry is confirmed as the next secretary of state, Scott Brown could be back on the campaign trail in weeks.