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House Republicans Face Threat Of Primary Challenges In 'Plan B' Vote

A number of conservative groups are vowing consequences for Republicans who line up behind House Speaker John Boehner and his plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff." Fiscal conservatives say that how GOP members vote now could set the stage for the 2014 primary season.
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The Fallout Of The 'Fiscal Cliff' Vote

We chat with local lawmakers about what the "fiscal cliff" deal means for our region and what it means for future debates about federal spending and deficit reduction.

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What's Ahead For Federal Workers

What's ahead as federal workers and agencies try to do more with less.

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Mikulski Becomes First Woman To Chair Appropriations Committee

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski has been confirmed as the chair of the prestigious Senate Appropriations Committee, making her the first woman ever to service in that role.


Cory Booker Eyes (Chris Christie-Free) Path To His Political Future

The mayor of Newark, N.J., ended whatever suspense existed by saying he will "explore" a run for the U.S. Senate, not governor. He thereby averts a clash with the very popular Gov. Chris Christie.

Assault-Style Weapons In The Civilian Market

Senior analyst for the Violence Policy Center Tom Diaz says one of the weapons found at the site of the Newtown, Conn., shooting was a variant of a type of gun developed for troops in Vietnam.