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With Payroll Tax Cut Done, Is It Do-Nothing Congress Time? It Depends

Whether a Congress can be defined as do-something or do-nothing is really in the eye of the beholder. If you judge Congress by its ability to pass landmark legislation or bills that address the real needs of the U.S. population, then you likely won't be giving Congress over the next year high marks for accomplishing much.

'Sugar Daddies' And Debates Changing All The Rules

Before setting foot in Michigan, Rick Santorum was leading in GOP polls there. It's the clearest illustration yet that the traditional rules that determine primary winners have been upended by factors that are new this time around, such as superPACs and the proliferation of candidate debates.

Congress Passes Payroll Tax Extension

The Republican-controlled House voted 293-132, followed quickly by a simple majority vote in the Senate. President Obama is expected to sign the bill.

Top Stories: Germany's President Resigns; Libya Celebrates Uprising

Germany's president resigns amid scandal; Libya celebrates a year after uprising; Romney, Santorum step up campaign in Michigan.

Some Friday Political Stories Worth Noting

A roundup of some of Friday's political stories.

Santorum, Romney Step Up Campaign In Michigan

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum criss-cross Michigan to woo GOP voters ahead of the Feb. 28 primary.

Does The Strengthening Economy Still Need Congress?

Lawmakers approved legislation to continue a payroll tax holiday and extend benefits for the long-term unemployed. The goal is to make sure enough people have enough spending money to keep the still-fragile economy growing. But some analysts say the economy doesn't need more help.
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Maryland Attempted To Spare Federal Workers In Payroll Tax Bill

Maryland Democrats were in heated negotiations on the payroll tax holiday this week as they worked against GOP proposals to pay for the tax break by freezing federal salaries and changing benefit packages for federal workers.


Donahoe Proposes Major Changes To Postal Service

In a letter addressed to Congress, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe calls for slashing 150,000 jobs - mostly through retirements. The most significant savings Donahoe suggests would come from the Postal Service breaking away from the federal health benefits plan.