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How To Rally The Base, And Other Advice For Romney

How will Mitt Romney bring around the party's skeptical evangelical base? What work does he need to do within the party as he pivots to a full-on general election battle with President Obama? Four GOP strategists offer some tips.

Quip That Ann Romney's 'Never Worked' Joins List Of Campaign Controversies

When Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen questioned whether Ann Romney can relate to the problems of most American women, her words sparked a political firestorm.

Welfare Overhaul's Impact On America's Poorest

New York Times reporter Jason DeParle recently traveled to Arizona, where many people have been dropped from the welfare program. Republican leaders now want to apply the changes made to the welfare program to other aspects of the social safety net, such as Medicaid and food stamps.

Sue Me? Not A Chance This Year

Most states have slashed budgets for their court systems. The result is a much longer wait for everything from fighting traffic tickets to resolving custody disputes.
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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Rick Santorum ended his presidential campaign, shifting momentum to Mitt Romney in the GOP race; the Justice Department filed suit against Apple and several book publishers, charging the companies conspired to inflate the price of e-books; and George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the Trayvon Martin case. Jerry Seib of The Wall Street Journal, Jeanne Cummings of Bloomberg News, and John Harwood of CNBC join guest host Susan Page for analysis of the week's top national news stories.

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Minorities Make Up Small Portion Of Virginia Legislature

Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling says he'd like to see the state's GOP reach out to more minorities and get more women elected to the General Assembly.


Huckabee Pledges More Civil Alternative To Limbaugh

Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has a new radio talk show, and he tells NPR "it's going to be more conversation and less confrontation." That would be a marked departure from the other man who broadcasts in the noon to 3 p.m. slot -– Rush Limbaugh.