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Government Filings Dispute Romney's Time At Bain

Mitt Romney and his campaign have deflected outsourcing charges by explaining that he had left Bain Capital before many of those decisions were made. But filings by the SEC and the state of Massachusetts show that Bain reported Romney as its CEO through 2002. He says he left the position in 1999.

Will Affordable Care Act Gain Popularity As It Ages?

Melissa Block speaks with political scientist Lawrence Jacobs of the University of Minnesota about the history of public opinion toward the extension of government social programs including Social Security and Medicare.

After Romney Is Booed, Biden Is Cheered At NAACP

A day after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's controversial speech at the NAACP, Vice President Joe Biden took the stage.

Biden Says It, So Obama Doesn't Have To

President Obama appeared briefly via video Thursday before the nation's oldest civil rights group. But it was Vice President Biden who showed up in person to a raucous welcome at the NAACP convention. And in what might be a first for the verbose VP, he left them wanting more.

Three Crucial Years Propel Romney's Business Career Back To Center Stage

The Boston Globe cites official documents that say Mitt Romney ran Bain Capital through 2002, although Romney maintains he left the firm in 1999. Does it really matter? To hear both the Romney and Obama campaigns, it does. Quite a bit.

How To Define Your Terms In 300 Pages

New rules governing the swaps market highlight the risks behind sprawling, complex regulatory initiatives. When rules get too complicated, lawyers and lobbyists are the main audience.
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Maryland Senator Wants To Stop Utility Outage Fees

In Maryland, when storms knock out power, utilities actually charge users a fee for services they're not deliver. One state senator wants to change that practice.


Cheers For Biden At NAACP Convention As He Contrasts Obama And Romney

When the vice president said access to the ballot box should be "expanded and unencumbered," he got a big cheer. Republicans, he said, see a future where "voting is made harder, not easier."