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House OKs Jobs Bill In 'Rare Agreement' With Obama

The "Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act" passed the Republican-controlled House with the administration's support. The legislation's fate is less certain in the Senate, but Democratic leaders have said they will take it up.

Obama Urges Incentives For Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

President Obama was in North Carolina Wednesday, dropping in on a factory that makes big-rig trucks. Some of those trucks are powered by natural gas, and Obama took the opportunity to propose new tax incentives for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Romney Aides Claim His Nomination Is Inevitable

Now that Super Tuesday is over, Mitt Romney's campaign is bracing for some tough states ahead. Kansas, Alabama and Mississippi are places where Romney may not do well. Until now, his aides focused mostly on Romney's electability against President Obama. Now they're making the case that nobody else can even get through the nominating process.

Rep. Kaptur Faces Joe The Plumber In November Race

In Ohio, Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Toledo won the Democratic primary against Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland after the state's 9th Congressional District was redraw. Now she's turning her sights on Republican primary winner Samuel Wurzelbacher, who's known as Joe the Plumber.

In Denver Taxis, Extra Eyes On The Street For Police

The Denver police are asking taxi drivers to help them catch criminals with a new bulletin alert system. In the months since the Taxis on Patrol program started, cabbies have helped police arrest hundreds of criminals, from carjackers to drunken drivers.

A Bestselling Book Becomes An HBO Movie About A 'Dynamic Moment'

Commentator Eric Deggans says the HBO film Game Change, based on a much-discussed book about the 2008 campaign, may inform the way we see the 2012 election.

Ron Paul's In-It-To-Win-It Strategy Is 'Not Far-Fetched,' Campaign Manager Says

Ron Paul's caucus strategy took a hit in North Dakota on Super Tuesday. He had staked time, hope and money there, but Rick Santorum pulled out a win. Still, Paul's campaign continues to insist he is in the GOP presidential race to win the nomination in Tampa.

Pro-Romney SuperPAC Spent Big On Super Tuesday

The superPAC spent nearly $6 million on largely negative ads last week, and still the candidate won Ohio's crucial primary by less than 1 percent. Experts can't measure the effectiveness of superPAC advertising. But some believe it is discouraging voters from going to the polls.