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Gun Violence Survivors Push For Tighter Restrictions

They want lawmakers to narrow loopholes in the background check system for people who buy firearms. Supporters of the legislation say that might have made a difference last January, when a gunman in Tucson, Ariz., killed six people and wounded 13 others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Illegal During Watergate, Unlimited Campaign Donations Now Fair Game

The 2012 presidential campaign is already being shaped by new rules for political money. That means corporate involvement in presidential politics on a scale not seen since the Watergate scandal of the 1970s, which ended Richard Nixon's presidency. The key difference: This time, it's legal.
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The Hill: Breaking The Super Commitee Gridlock

With Republicans looking like they may finally yield on tax revenue, The Hill's Alex Bolton weighs in on the new phase of super commitee negotiations.

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Environmental Innovations, Impacts At Occupy DC

Protecting the environment from destructive domestic policies is just one of many issues advocated at Occupy DC, but some activists are actually exercising their beliefs in creative, hands-on ways.


Why Did Freddie Mac Pay Newt Gingrich $300,000?

The former House speaker says the troubled mortgage giant paid him the consultant fee in 2006 for his "advice as a historian" — and that he was not a lobbyist. Strictly speaking, that's right. But one expert says what Freddie really wanted was "political protection and cover."
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PG County Defers Ban On Slot Machines

The Prince George's County Council opted Tuesday to put off a decision on a bill that would have effectively banned slot machine casinos in the state, leaving the possibility open for the future, subject to a referendum.