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Obama Team Stops Saying 'Global War On Terror' But Doesn't Stop Waging It

When President Obama took office, he changed the rhetoric from the Bush years. But he never abandoned the idea of global war — a concept with profound legal implications.

Ben Carson Says No Apology Needed After Controversial Speech

Dr. Ben Carson, a well-known surgeon, made a splash last month when he criticized President Obama's policies in a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. "It's a shame that we've reached a level in our country where we think that you don't have the right to put your opinion out there," he tells NPR.

Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is 'Upside Down'

Dr. Ben Carson is known for blazing trails in the neurological field - including breakthrough work separating conjoined twins. Now he's making waves for his political views. Host Michel Martin talks with Dr. Carson about the current state of healthcare in America and his upcoming speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
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Analysis: Mikulski Regarded As Power Player, More Women On Capitol Hill

Political analyst David Hawkings talks about the rise of women in Congress, and the latest on the spending bill.


For Some Conservatives, It's Homecoming Week

Despite disappointment at the polls, attendance isn't expected to dip much at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference near the nation's capital. But there has been an uproar over who's invited to CPAC this year — and who's not.