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From Rival To Running Mate? Possible For Pawlenty

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is the son of a truck driver, an evangelical Christian, a former presidential candidate, and for months now a loyal surrogate for Republican Mitt Romney. He's also considered a top contender to become Romney's pick for vice president.

Senate Republicans Block So-Called 'Insourcing' Act

Senate Republicans blocked another business tax cut pushed by President Obama and Democrats on Thursday. Last week it was for small businesses that hire new employees. Thursday's was for companies that bring jobs back to the United States. Republicans argued that it amounted to a tax increase on companies that left jobs overseas.

Weeks From Primary, Fla. Senate Race Nearly Decided

Florida's Senate primary is not until August, but Congressman Connie Mack IV has all but declared himself the victor. The son of Florida's respected former senator Connie Mack, he's been helped by name recognition and political connections. He scared some other Republicans out of the race by securing top endorsements and support from outside groups aiming to take down the only Democrat holding a statewide office in Florida.

Romney, Obama Butt Heads On Role Of Government

This week Republican challenger Mitt Romney accused President Obama of crediting government for small business success. That distorts what Mister Obama actually said, but behind the brickbats is a real and important debate over the role of government.

Double Standard? Candidates, Politicians And Taxes

Mitt Romney has been chastised for his refusal to release tax returns for more than the last two tax years. In a piece for McClatchy Newspapers, congressional and economic correspondent David Lightman points out that just 17 of 535 members of Congress have provided tax returns when asked.