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With Fiscal Cliff Around The Corner, Senate Adjourns For The Night

Talks appeared stalled Sunday as the Senate finished up for the evening without a deal in sight. Democratic Sen. Harry Reid said there was "still significant distance between the two sides."

Obama 'Modestly Optimistic' On Cliff Deal; 'He Won,' Says Graham

President Obama went on air to levy pressure on Congress Sunday as Senate leaders worked to negotiate a deal to avert the "fiscal cliff." Graham said the odds of a last-minute deal are "exceedingly good."

Counting Down The Final Hours Of Fiscal Cliff Talks

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks with Joshua Green, senior national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek, about the latest in the last-minute push to resolve the debt crisis.

Conservatives Invoke NAACP Case In Fight For Secret Donors

As a new class of million-dollar political donors rises, conservatives are fighting for continued secrecy around their contributions. Strategist Karl Rove is citing a 1950s Supreme Court case that protected NAACP members, arguing that conservative donors are also being subjected to intimidation.

Massachusetts Freshman Brings Kennedys Back To Capitol Hill

When Rep.-elect Joseph Kennedy III is sworn in this week, he'll end a short gap in his family's service in the nation's capital. Last year had marked the first time in more than six decades that there was no Kennedy serving in elected office in Washington.