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Casino Owner Expected To Make $10M Donation To Pro-Romney SuperPAC

The reported contribution is coming from a man who previously supported Mitt Romney's GOP primary rival, Newt Gingrich. But Sheldon Adelson has long made it clear that his top priority is defeating President Obama in November. He has said he might spend as much as $100 million on this election.

Romney As Governor: 800 Vetoes And One Big Deal

As the Republican governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney worked with the overwhelmingly Democratic state Legislature to pass a landmark universal health care law. But some lawmakers say a CEO style that may have worked for Romney in the business world didn't always help his ability to govern.

JPMorgan CEO Maintains Close Ties In Washington

Melissa Block talks with New York Times banking reporter Jessica Silver-Greenberg. They discuss JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, and his ties to Washington. Dimon testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday that he could not defend the hedging strategy that resulted in a multibillion dollar trading loss in May.

Romney, Obama: When Wooing Female Voters, Check Marital Status First

Will unmarried women, representing about a quarter of the nation's eligible voters, retain their ballot-box ardor for President Obama? And will their married counterparts give Republican Mitt Romney more electoral love than they gave John McCain in 2008? The answers could decide the election.

$10 Million Donation The Biggest Yet For Romney

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson will apparently give a $10 million donation to an outside group supporting Mitt Romney.

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott Defends Efforts To Clear Noncitizens From Voter Rolls

Democratic critics say Florida's Republican governor is purging eligible voters to give his party an Election Day advantage. Scott denies the accusation in an interview with NPR's Michel Martin on Tell Me More. "Not one U.S. citizen has been eliminated from the voter rolls," he says. "Not one."

June Primaries Set Stage For Senate Control

Four states held Senate primaries Tuesday. Voters there set up several races that will likely play key roles in deciding which party controls the Senate after the November election. NPR's Mara Liasson Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston and Richmond Times Dispatch columnist Jeff Schapiro discuss.

Obama Team: Household Net Worth Actually Rose During His Presidency

Using additional Federal Reserve data, White House officials on the president's National Economic Council argued that while household net worth fell before President Obama took office, it has risen since then and he bears some of the credit.