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Analysis: Why It's Time For Newt Gingrich To Say Good Night

Rick Santorum, who won the Alabama and Mississippi primaries on Tuesday, has proven himself the conservatives' favored alternative to front-runner Mitt Romney.

Santorum Asks Conservatives To Pull Together

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum won Republican primaries in Mississippi and Alabama Tuesday night. The victories underscore his appeal with the conservative base of the Republican Party.

Transportation Bill Gathers Bipartisan Support

The Senate is on the verge of passing a highway bill. It would spend more than $100 billion on the nation's roads in two years. The bill is expected to pass with bi-partisan support. But it's had an unusual and controversial path.
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The Hill: The Federal Transportation Bill -- Will It Pass, What Does It Mean For Federal Workers

The Senate is poised to pass a bipartisan federal transportation bill, which could have some serious implications for federal workers.


Live Blog: Santorum Wins Ala., Miss.; Romney Wins Hawaii, American Samoa

In a gritty contest in the South, the former Pennsylvania senator has won two more primaries to further close in on rival Mitt Romney.
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Orange Releases Information On Controversial Contributions

Following a week of pressure from primary opponents, D.C. Council member Vincent Orange has released money orders that have been linked to political donor Jeffrey Thompson, who is under federal investigation.


Tea Party Spawns New Effort Against Voter Fraud

As part of a new campaign, dozens of citizen groups around the country are searching voter registration lists, looking for problems. Critics say the effort is part of a campaign to suppress the votes of minorities, students and others who tend to vote Democratic.

Senate Democrats Battle Over Court Nominees

Faced with persistent GOP opposition to President Obama's appointments, Majority Leader Harry Reid plans this week to press the point by bringing 17 judicial nominees to the floor.