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Presidential Race: What If There Are Two Winners?

There's a chance the Electoral College vote could wind up tied, but it's more likely that there will be different electoral and popular vote winners. If either of those scenarios happens, there could be a push to change the way the U.S. elects its presidents.
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Hurricane Sandy Takes Toll On Campaigns In Virginia

Both presidential candidates had to cancel campaign events in Virginia early this week due to Hurricane Sandy, and at least one political observer says it is likely to have at least some effect on the race.

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Religion And Politics In 2012

Join Diane and her guests for a discussion about how religious beliefs are informing political convictions in the 2012 election.


There's No Contingency Plan If Disaster Strikes On Election Day

What if Hurricane Sandy had waited a week to strike the East Coast? There's no contingency plan in place for rescheduling an election if a storm or terrorist attack wiped out power in multiple states while voting was taking place. Says one expert: "We'll ignore it until it happens, and when it happens, we'll figure it out."

The Night A Computer Predicted The Next President

Sixty years ago, computers were used for the first time to predict the outcome of a presidential race. CBS used the UNIVAC, one of the first commercial computers, on loan. The prediction was spot on, but a decade passed before the computer's potential was finally realized on election night.

Sandy Underscores Debate Over Government's Role

For President Obama, the federal government is a critical vehicle for disaster relief. Mitt Romney and the GOP put more faith in local government and voluntary efforts.

The Political Odd Couple: Jersey Shore Edition

The Tuesday before Election Day was not a day for presidential politics, at least not for GOP Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. Hours after Superstorm Sandy savagely hit his state, the man who has been a strong advocate for Republican Mitt Romney had effusive praise for President Obama.

Sandy Could Dent The Vote, But In Whose Favor?

The effects of the superstorm could hurt turnout in traditionally blue states, limiting the popular vote for President Obama. But if Obama's response to the disaster is looked upon favorably, the opposition might be less motivated to turn out.