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Closer To Nomination, Romney Turns Toward Obama

With his victory in Tuesday's Wisconsin Republican primary, as well as a string of high-profile endorsements, Mitt Romney is continuing his turn toward the general election.

Romney Accuses Obama of Anti-Business Agenda

President Obama signaled the opening of the general election campaign on Tuesday in a blistering speech before the American Society of News Editors. On Wednesday, Obama's likely rival in the fall — former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney — delivered an address before the same group.
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LaFerla Refuses To Concede Maryland's 1st District

In another race separated by slightly more than a hundred votes, Democrat John LaFerla is refusing to concede to Wendy Rosen, despite her declaration of victory.


A Look At Wisconsin's Political Battle

Mitt Romney swept three primaries in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin. Wisconsin will be in play in the general election, but the real political fight is at the state level. NPR's Ken Rudin and Wisconsin Public Radio's Shawn Johnson explain what's happening in the normally politically-civil state.

Obama And Romney Begin Race To Define Themselves — And Each Other

Now that the Republican primary contest finally appears to be petering out, President Obama and Mitt Romney wasted no time training their sights on each other.

Rep. Moore Discusses Stunning House Speech

During a debate over the Violence Against Women Act last week, the Wisconsin Democrat told her own history of surviving sexual assault and violence. Rep. Moore speaks with host Michel Martin about her story and why she thinks the Violence Against Women Act deserves bipartisan support. (Advisory: This segment may not be suitable for all audiences.)

Live Blog: Romney Takes Aim At Obama's 'Appalling Lack Of Leadership'

The Republican presidential contender took to the same stage where President Obama on Tuesday had harsh words for the GOP's deficit-reduction plans.
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Analysis: Maryland Congressional Primary, D.C.'s At-large Council Race

WAMU 88.5's Patrick Madden and National Journal's Reid Wilson break down what happened in local and Congressional races in the April 3 primary in D.C. and Maryland.