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Would The Buffett Rule Help The U.S. Economy?

Some economists are skeptical that a new minimum tax on people with incomes over $1 million will do much to bring down the deficit or boost the economy. But others say the economy could actually benefit from the proposed rule.

With Santorum Out, What's Next For The GOP Race?

Now that Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, it appears Mitt Romney will be the nominee. Does Santorum figure into Romney's calculation of a running mate?

Santorum Ends Campaign But 'Isn't Done Fighting'

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign Tuesday. It had lasted longer than anyone expected, but Santorum was well behind front-runner Mitt Romney in the race for delegates.
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Metro Upgrades Await Long-Term Congressional Plan

Local lawmakers say that Congress' inability to pass long-term transportation legislation is preventing Metro from making serious headway into safety and infrastructure upgrades.

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Tension Reigns In Annapolis After Yearly Session Ends

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley was pointedly silent on the question of a special session of the General Assembly, after a late night legislative session failed to produce a budget agreement for the state.


'Buffett Rule' A Rallying Cry For Obama At Tax Time

President Obama has embraced the billionaire investor Warren Buffett since 2008, and lately he has made use of Buffett's statement about paying a lower tax rate than his secretary pays. Now it's becoming part of the Obama re-election plan.

Santorum Campaign One Full Of Surprises

Rick Santorum has announced that he's suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. What kept him running for so long? Mara Liasson talks to Robert Siegel about Santorum's campaign.

Santorum Surrenders In Gettysburg, Pa.

Rick Santorum announced on Tuesday that he is suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination for president. Surrounded by his family on stage, the senator said he had run a great race "against all odds" and won a kind of victory. Audie Cornish talks to Don Gonyea for more.