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S.C. Voters Have 2 Days To Make Up Their Minds

All the Republican presidential candidates are campaigning in South Carolina Thursday because the primary is on Saturday. Many voters have still not made up their minds which candidate to vote for.

Rejected Pipeline Becomes Hot-Button Election Issue

The Obama administration has rejected a Canadian company's permit request to build the Keystone XL pipeline. The president said he turned down the proposal because congressional Republicans gave him a 60-day deadline that did not allow for a thorough review of the project.

Q&A: Congress, SOPA And A Fight Over The Web

Consideration of strong anti-piracy legislation known as SOPA in the House of Representatives led Wikipedia and other websites to "go dark," as a form of protest. The legislation touches on topics that roil passions in America's culture: copyright law, free speech and the Internet. Here, we answer basic questions about the bill, and where things may be headed.

Democratic Allies Battle For New Ohio House Seat

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is perhaps as well-known among peace activists nationwide as he is among his Ohio constituents. Now, Kucinich finds himself in a tenuous political position for the first time in his 15 years in Congress. And he's fighting for re-election against a Democratic ally.

Keystone: Dead Pipeline Lives On As Election-Year Issue

Now that President Obama has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, an obvious question is what will it mean for the 2012 presidential election? The key to Keystone is which side will have the most success in framing its case to enough voters for it to make a difference.
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Understanding the Culture of the Secret Service

The Secret Service has announced the departure of three employees connected to a prostitution scandal involving members of President Obama's security detail. Eight others remain under investigation. The incident has focused attention on...


In Former Steel Town, Residents Question GOP Candidates' 'Entitlement Society' Talk

Republican presidential candidates have had some harsh words about the role of government aid in the Obama administration. But in areas still struggling with a bad economy — such as McKeesport, Pa. — those getting aid say it's keeping them afloat. And they worry what cutting them off would mean.
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Local Lawmakers React To SOPA Blackout Protest

Several big websites are blacked out Wednesday in protest of the controversial and far-reaching Stop Online Piracy Act, prompting some local lawmakers to reconsider their support for the bill.