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Teachers Unions And Democratic Politics

Teachers unions have long served as a vital constituency for the Democratic Party. But that relationship is evolving and, by some accounts, deteriorating.

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Former U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello used to represent Virginia in Congress. Now he's the face of one of the intellectual epicenters of Democratic politics.

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Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe joins us to explore the national political landscape and his political future in Virginia.

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A War On Women?

Democrats used the first day of their convention to make the case that Republicans are waging "war on women." We explore the politics of issues like abortion and pay equity.


Political Analyst: N.C. Could Be Key, Regardless Of Electoral Outcome In State

North Carolina, which Barack Obama won four years ago, offers an opportunity to help his re-election effort, even if he can't recapture the state, an analyst said on the eve of the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

Why I'm A Democrat: Marion Barry, Washington's Mayor For Life

Barry explained that at a time when both political parties were all white, he picked the Democrats by happenstance.

'Now It's Our Turn': The Democratic National Convention Kicks Off In Charlotte

Democrats promised to layout a road map for getting the economy back on track by building it "from the middle out" and not from the "top down."