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Alexandria City Council Prepares To Vote On Waterfront Plan

The Alexandria City Council is preparing to vote on a comprehensive redevelopment plan for its waterfront. The plan has been more than a year in the making, and some opponents are still trying to derail the changes.


VIDEO: Obama Sings In Harlem; Channels A Little Al Green

Last night at a campaign fundraiser in Harlem's Apollo Theater, he briefly broke into song with a bit of Let's Stay Together. Obama joins a long line of presidents with some musical talent.
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Race For Ward 5 Council Seat Officially Begins

The race for the D.C. Council seat of former Council member Harry Thomas Jr. began Friday, as potential candidates can pick up petitions and begin collecting signatures to get on the May ballot.


Four Headlines From Thursday's GOP Debate

One news nugget almost lost in the attention paid to Newt Gingrich's angry response to a question about things an ex-wive has said about their marriage: He said her claim that he wanted an open marriage "is false."

8 Precinct Vote Totals Missing From Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa Republican Party has certified the results of its caucuses earlier this month. Rick Santorum is 34 votes ahead, but the party will not declare a winner because there are missing results in eight precincts.


As 'Citizens United' Turns 2, SuperPACs Draw Protests

Saturday is the second anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, a key element in establishing the big-dollar superPACs now influencing the presidential campaign. It's also primary day in South Carolina, where a superPAC backing Newt Gingrich has been blasting away at Mitt Romney.

Republican SuperPAC Ads Target GOP Rivals

GOP presidential campaigns and superPACs have been spending millions of dollars on TV and radio advertising ahead of Saturday's South Carolina primary. While the negative superPAC ads air, the candidates are delivering a more positive message.

Santorum Struggles To Finding His Footing In S.C.

On the campaign trail, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum often discusses his opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage. That message served him well in Iowa with its large contingent of evangelical voters. Christian conservatives are also dominant in South Carolina, which votes Saturday. Santorum hopes to repeat his Iowa performance, but he's been struggling to keep pace in polls.