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McConnell's Call For 'Regular Order' May Not Mean What It Used To

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to restore "regular order" to the Senate, making it more bipartisan and productive. Five weeks into the new session, the dream remains elusive.
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August Recess Shouldn't Be Automatic For Congress, Lawmaker Says

Republican Rob Wittman of Virgnia has proposed canceling lawmakers' monthlong August recess if they fail to pass the nation's spending bills.

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A New Year For Maryland Bill On Paternity Rights Of Rapists?

The makeup of the state House could change the fortunes of a proposal to allow women who decide to continue with a pregnancy that results from rape to petition to block paternity rights of the rapist.

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Gun Control Votes Can Still Happen In GOP-Led Congress, Rep. Hoyer Says

The Maryland Democrat says gun control advocates should keep up the pressure for action on legislation.


Potential Candidates Suffer From Measles: The Week In Politics

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with political correspondent Mara Liasson about the politics of vaccines, the budget and what three officials leaving the White House means for the Obama administration.

Week In Politics: Prayer Breakfast, Ukraine, Measles

E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York Times discuss President Obama's prayer breakfast, politicians weighing in on arming Ukraine and measles immunizations.
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Bill Would Automate Toll Collection On Bay Bridge, Ideally Slashing Wait Times

A Republican lawmaker from Maryland thinks he has the solution to heavy traffic crossing the Bay Bridge.

UNCF CEO: Obama's Community College Plan A 'Blunt Instrument'

Robert Siegel speaks with UNCF (formerly the United Negro College Fund) CEO Dr. Michael Lomax about President Obama's recent announcement to make community college free for all Americans.

Polarization Vortex: Obama, Bush Approval Shows Widest Partisan Gap

The ratings for the two most recent presidents had the biggest split between Republicans and Democrats.

Outrage Over Government's Animal Experiments Leads To USDA Review

Lawmakers also introduced a bill to strengthen laws protecting farm animals used in research. Both moves come out of a New York Times investigation of animal suffering at a federal research center.