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What Clinton, Trump Responses To Orlando Say About Their Foreign Policy

Scott Simon talks with Council On Foreign Relations President Richard Haass about the presumptive nominees' reactions to the Orlando shootings and their different views of America's role in the world.

#MemeOfTheWeek: Trump Asked 'The Gays,' And Got Answers

#AskTheGays was able to create something of a safe space online in a week where it might have been particularly hard to find those spaces in the real world or our political discourse.

Trump University Is Like Other For-Profit Colleges But Without The Degree

Trump had to drop "university" from his enterprise's name, but it used similar tactics to institutions in the for-profit college industry, where students incur high cost and debt with low results.

Trump Considering Speaking Off Site During His Own Convention

Normally, a presumptive presidential nominee doesn't address the gathered convention delegates until he or she is actually nominated. Trump is considering ways to change all that.

Why One Democratic Congresswoman Wants To Drug-Test The Rich

Rep. Gwen Moore's bill is unlikely to go anywhere in the GOP-controlled House, but it seems more designed to troll Republicans anyway.

F-Bomb On A T-Shirt: At Trump Rallies, Profanity Comes Onstage And Off

Politics has always been a rough game. But even by the old standards, Donald Trump's campaign is breaking new ground. Crude language is the norm, including from the candidate himself.

Trump, Clinton Reactions To Orlando Offer Window Into Foreign Policies

In the aftermath of the Orlando mass shooting, the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees offer proposals on how they would combat terrorism.

Week In Politics: Aftermath Of Mass Shooting In Orlando

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with our regular political commentators E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss the mass shooting in Orlando, public reactions from around the country and the political response from Washington, D.C.

Court Documents Show The IRS Focused Scrutiny On Conservative Groups

Two-thirds of the groups that faced extra scrutiny from the IRS were conservative. But the agency also closely examined applications for tax-exempt status from liberal and nonpartisan groups.
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The Politics Hour: June 17, 2016

Three D.C. Council incumbents are ousted in the District's Democratic primary. The next phase of Metro's SafeTrack maintenance plan could be messier than the first. And Maryland's Republican governor says he won't vote for his party's presumptive presidential nominee.