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South Carolina Gov. Haley's Husband Deploying To Afghanistan

Michael Haley is a first lieutenant in the South Carolina National Guard. He's the first gubernatorial spouse to be heading into the combat zones of either Iraq or Afghanistan, officials say.

How Congressman Paul Ryan Is Shaping The GOP

New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza profiles Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, whose radical alternatives to President Obama's economic policies have helped shape the GOP as it enters the final stage of the 2012 presidential campaign.

The Best And Worst VP Candidates Of All Time

The GOP national convention is now less than a month away, and Republicans anxiously await the announcement of Mitt Romney's running mate. For a little context, NPR's Ken Rudin weighs the best and worst vice-presidential candidates throughout history.
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Lawmakers Reach Deal To Fund Government Into 2013

Congress has reached an agreement on a temporary funding bill that would continue to fund the government past the November election and maybe even into 2013.


Tea Party-Backed Cruz Gets GOP Nod In Texas

Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne report on the Texas Senate race. The Tea Party-backed candidate, Ted Cruz, secured the GOP nomination and is heavily favored to win in November.

Will Romney's Trip Move Needle For GOP?

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is home from his tour of England, Israel and Poland. NPR's Ari Shapiro looks at whether the trip had any impact on the state of the presidential race here in the U-S.

Conservatives Rally Around Chick-Fil-A

Conservative Christians are rallying on behalf of fast-food chain Chick-fil-A after comments by the restaurant's president in support of "traditional" marriage sparked a public outcry. The mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco warned the chain not to come to their cities. But former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and other conservatives have organized a pro Chick-fil-A day. NPR's Kathy Lohr reports.

Lawmakers Face Off On Pentagon Spending Cuts

The battle over sequestration is getting louder, as the defense industry mobilizes to prevent across-the-board cuts to Pentagon spending. Non-defense groups are trying to avoid being drowned out. NPR's Larry Abramson reports.