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In Conservative California, Confusion And Contempt For Health Law

The uninsured have a particular stake in next week's Supreme Court hearings on the federal health law. Residents of a largely conservative region in California where 1 out of every 3 people lack coverage share their attitudes toward "Obamacare."

Medicare Cuts: 'End As You Know It' Or Future Gift?

Democrats were quick to attack House Republicans' budget plan, which calls for an overhaul of the program. Leading the charge is Vice President Joe Biden, who told senior citizens in Florida not to be fooled. Republicans, though, see the proposal as necessary for the next generation.
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Maryland House Passes Budget, With Tax Hikes

Maryland's House of Delegates passed a budget on Friday, despite staunch Republican objections to hikes in income and "flush" taxes.


Santorum's 'Obamaville' Ad Warns Of 2nd-Term Horror

The trailer depicts a dystopian future where everything bad that can happen does, save for Hunger Games-like fights to the death between teens. Actually, that's an exaggeration. The future horrors in an Obama second term are all the common GOP bill of particulars against him: high gas prices and jobless rates, the loss of religious freedom, Iranian appeasement, in short the usual suspects.

Global Health Expert Chosen As World Bank Nominee

President Obama's pick to lead the World Bank is an unconventional choice with a background in global health and development. The current monetary group head has a trade and economic background. Jim Yong Kim currently serves as president of Dartmouth College.

Memo: Corzine Ordered MF Global Customer Funds Moved To London

In congressional testimony, the former New Jersey governor said he did not know where missing customer funds had gone.

Trayvon Martin Tragedy Edges Onto Presidential Campaign Trail

President Obama made his first public comments Friday about the Trayvon Martin shooting, which opened him up to approval and suspicion in this racially and politically polarized nation.