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Game-Changing Debate Moments

Presidential debates can provide a boost to a candidate, thwart a lead in polls or prompt a decision to leave the race. NPR's Ken Rudin and Alan Schroeder, author of Presidential Debates: 40 Years of High-Risk TV, look at game-changing moments in the 2012 election cycle.
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Bartlett Denies Backing So-Called 'Stache Act

Roscoe Bartlett was already facing a tough re-election campaign in Maryland's sixth district, but now he's being wrong accused of backing a tax break for mustache-wearers.


Romney Motors To Victories, Santorum Slides Back

Mitt Romney fended off Rick Santorum on Wednesday, winning the Arizona and Michigan primary races. The two have been vying for the top spot, but both candidates have been prone to gaffes. Host Michel Martin talks about the showdown with GOP strategist Ron Christie and Santorum supporter Bob Vander Plaats.
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Cantor Hopes To Move Jobs Bill, But Democrats Want More

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is trying to make headway on some business-friendly legislation in the House, but some area Democrats are not sold.


Super Tuesday: Which Candidates Can Win Outside Their 'Comfort Zones'?

As the GOP primary race moves into March, we look at the candidates' prospects in the 10 Super Tuesday states, where a trove of 413 delegates are up for grabs. Already Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are battling over Ohio, with its 43 delegates and Midwest bragging rights.

Santorum & Co. Left To Mourn What Might Have Been In Michigan

The entire political industry had been poised for weeks for a Rick Santorum breakthrough in Michigan, not quite believing it could happen but believing the polls that said it could.

29 GOP Delegates In Arizona Go To Romney

Mitt Romney walloped his closest GOP rival Rick Santorum by about 20 percentage points in Tuesday's Arizona primary. Arizona was a winner-take-all contest so Romney came away with 29 delegates.

Romney Scratches Out Close Victory In Michigan

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney turned back challenges from former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in Arizona., where Romney won easily, and in Michigan, where he eeked out a close win in the state where he was born. Before Tuesday night, Romney's last primary win was in Florida a month ago.

With 2 More Wins, Romney Looks To Super Tuesday

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked up two primary victories Tuesday night in Michigan and Arizona. His closest rival was Rick Santorum. All the candidates plan to move on to next week's Super Tuesday when there are 10 nominating contests.