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O'Malley's Gun Control Plan: Licensing, Assault Weapons Ban

A sweeping proposal to enhance gun control measures was introduced by Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley Friday, including a ban on military-style assault weapons and stringent licensing requirements for gun buyers.


Inauguration Mashup: The Speech In 11 Easy Steps

Talk about new stuff, and gripe just a little: A handy video guide gives indispensable advice to inaugural speakers.
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Rethinking Intervention Abroad

While drawing down a decade-long war, the administration is also reasserting its use of drone strikes and "targeted killings." We explore the debates over how the U.S. flexes its power abroad.

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Alice Waters And Cathal Armstrong: Kids And Food

Two stars of the organic food movement dish with Kojo about how to get kids to eat healthy.

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Analysis: D.C. Preps For Inauguration Day, O'Malley Takes On Death Penalty

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about how D.C. planning officials are preparing for the expected crowds on Inauguration Day.

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Virginia Delegate Brings AK-47 To State House Floor

A Virginia state lawmaker chose to make his point about gun control in an unconventional way Thursday: by brandishing an AK-47 during his speech on the state House floor.


Key Player In '94 Assault Weapons Ban: 'It's Going To Be Much More Difficult' Now

Since the assault weapons ban passed in the mid-1990s, Congress has had little appetite for gun control measures. "I think it was a very different time in 1994. I don't think there's very many lessons to learn from that," says Ted Kaufman, who was then-Sen. Joe Biden's chief of staff.
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Analysis: Bill Proposes Federal Pay Freeze As Inauguration Looms

The District is a flurry of preparations for the presidential inauguration, federal workers throughout the D.C. region are also watching the negotiations over federal compensation — and continuation of a pay freeze — closely.