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GOP Presidential Race: Perry's Status, Iowa Results

There are reports Thursday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will leave the GOP presidential race, and Iowa officials announced final results of the state's Republican presidential nominating caucuses held earlier this month.

Iowa 'Split Decision' Ominous Sign For Romney As Gingrich Gains Ground

Declaring a virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses might not help Rick Santorum, but it could hurt Mitt Romney. Still, his closest rival in South Carolina — Newt Gingrich — faces new troubles of his own.

Rick Perry Quits GOP Presidential Race, Endorses Gingrich

The Texas governor leaves a race he once led. He throws his support to the former House speaker. "There is no viable path forward for me," Perry told supporters this morning in South Carolina.

So, Um, What Is A Private Equity Firm?

GOP presidential candidates have clashed over Bain Capital, the firm Mitt Romney formerly headed. In the "private equity" investing world, only wealthy individuals and large institutions, such as pension funds, are welcome. That's Bain's world.
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D.C. Job Training Doesn't Always Lead To Jobs

A tiny fraction of D.C. residents trained for commercial driver's licenses last year were actually hired as drivers; meanwhile, the outside training firms raked in city funding for the training programs. 


Iowa GOP Puts Santorum Ahead By 34 Votes, But Result 'Unresolved'

On the evening of the Jan. 3 caucuses, it was estimated Mitt Romney was eight votes ahead. Now, official say, Rick Santorum has a slight edge. Still, it's basically a split decision. Some precincts' results are missing.

Front-Runner Romney Skips Personhood Forum

A candidate forum was held in Greenville, S.C., Wednesday night, sponsored by the anti-abortion rights group Personhood USA. Participating in the event were Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry. Front-runner Mitt Romney did not attend. South Carolina holds its primary on Saturday.