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Local Lawmakers Scramble To Manage, Minimize Federal Cuts

Now that sequestration has gone into effect, local lawmakers are working to protect their personal budget priorities.

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Obenshain's Concealed Handgun And Voter ID Bills May Become Hot Topics

Two laws sponsored by Virginia Sen. Mark Obenshain will likely received extra attention in the near future, as the senator's run for attorney general heats up.


In First Post-Election Interview, Romney Calls Race A 'Magnificent' Experience

In the first interview the Romneys have given since their November loss, they say they're moving on.

If Sequestration Isn't The Apocalypse, What Is It?

Host Rachel Martin and NPR's Scott Horsley cover the three most important elements of the federal budget cuts known as sequestration, which went into effect Friday.

As 'Devastating' As Sequester Is, Not 'Immediate Catastrophe'

Host Rachel Martin speaks with congressional scholar Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution about the economic and political impact of sequestration. He is the co-author of a book about political gridlock, called It's Even Worse Than It Looks.

Rove Tells Calif. GOP To 'Get Back In The Game'

Karl Rove had a sharp message to California's Republican Party Saturday. He implored party leaders to "get up off the mat" and work to revitalize the state GOP. Republicans hold no statewide offices in California and have given up a supermajority to Democrats in the state legislature.