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Who Gets To Decide Who Is Native American?

A controversy about identity has erupted in the race for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. News outlets revealed Democrat Elizabeth Warren claimed Cherokee ancestry during her academic career, and critics say Warren isn't providing enough documentation to prove her identity. Host Michel Martin discusses just who is Native American.

Why Plant City, Fla., Is A Can't-Miss On The Campaign Trail

It's in a swing county in a swing state. It's easy to get to, right off Interstate 4. And did we mention it's known for its strawberries — including strawberry milkshakes? If that wasn't enough to draw politicians, it also blends the nostalgia of Florida's past with its rapidly changing future.

Obama Campaigns On GOP Turf In Colorado

President Obama is in the midst of a two-day campaign swing through Colorado. The Rocky Mountain West is a key battleground area in the November election. A new poll shows the president leading Mitt Romney among women in the state but trailing his Republican rival among Colorado men.

Election Spotlight Returns To Iowa

At the beginning of the presidential race, Iowa was among the most important states in the country. Now, after a few months out of the spotlight, it's the center of political attention again. Mitt Romney campaigned in Des Moines Wednesday. Barack Obama will be there next week.

Complications, Contradictions In A Fla. Swing County

The biggest single issue for Florida nurse practitioner Sofia Martinez is her support of the DREAM Act. But she plans to vote for Republican Mitt Romney, who has said he would veto the measure. Her view might seem full of contradictions, but that's common among voters in Hillsborough County, as they consider complex issues.
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Obama Holds Lead In Virginia, While Senate Race Is A Dead Heat

Virginia continues to earn top billing amongst 2012 swing states, and while President Obama holds a small lead in the polls, the race for Senate between Tim Kaine and George Allen is too close to call.


In Brawl Over Romney's Tax Returns, Harry Reid Gets Marquee Billing

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is taking fire from the Senate majority leader over his decision not to release more of his tax returns. In Reid, Romney is up against someone who's not on the ballot and clearly enjoys a fight.