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Assault-Style Weapons In The Civilian Market

Senior analyst for the Violence Policy Center Tom Diaz says one of the weapons found at the site of the Newtown, Conn., shooting was a variant of a type of gun developed for troops in Vietnam.
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The Coming Battle Over Spending Cuts And National Debt

Congress and the White House have about two months to come up with a plan to avoid deep across-the-board spending cuts, raise the debt limit and agree on how to fund government programs. What's next for the nation's finances and what it means for you.

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Local Faith Leaders Weigh In On Fiscal Cliff

A group of interfaith leaders met with lawmakers on Thursday to press what they say are the "moral priorities" involved in the on-going fiscal cliff negotiations on Capitol Hill.

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Compromise In Congress to Avert The Fiscal Cliff

Congress passed new tax and spending legislation late last night to avert the fiscal cliff. Analysis of new law and prospects for compromise on other key issues including gun control, immigration and U.S. energy policy.


Today's 'Plan B' Vote: Part Of Posturing Or A Push Over The 'Fiscal Cliff?'

As the outlines of a deal have taken shape, both sides have been trying to show supporters that they're hanging tough. So today's vote on a GOP plan could be a bit of political theater that helps push the federal government over that so-called cliff and an important step toward compromise.

Sen. Warner: Gun Laws Alone Won't Solve Problems

Following the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., some staunch supporters of gun rights have shifted their tone and appear open to new action on gun control. One of them is Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia. He talks to Steve Inskeep about his position.

Obama Urges Swift Action On Gun Issues

President Obama is hoping to seize on public anguish over the Connecticut school shooting to make gun violence a front-burner issue in Washington. At a White House news conference Wednesday, the president made clear it's not just the headline-grabbing mass murders he's worried about.

FAA Pressured To Give E-Readers A Pass During Takeoff, Landing

Passengers can currently use devices such as Kindles, iPads and Nooks while in flight, but not during takeoffs and landings. The FAA says it is studying the matter, but the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and a U.S. senator say it's time to act.