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Why Politicians Want Children To Be Seen And Heard

Right now, children are central to campaigns on gun control, immigration and same-sex marriage — demonstrating their effectiveness as political messengers. Politicians know that on almost any issue, kids can make an argument more compelling.
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Future Of Immigration Reform In U.S. House Uncertain

Republicans in the region are wrestling with how to proceed on immigration reform.

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Medical Marijuana Bill Advances In Maryland

The Maryland Senate gave preliminary approval to allow the development a of medical marijuana program. Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the bill Monday.


Back From Recess, Congress Preps For Gun Legislation Fight

Senate staffers say a bipartisan agreement has yet to be reached on universal background checks, and that snarl may end up delaying a vote on gun legislation for another week. Lobbyists on both sides of the debate are using the extra time to keep the pressure on.

Kansas Set To Enact Law Saying Life Starts At Fertilization

Gov. Sam Brownback is expected to sign the measure making abortion access much harder in Kansas. In addition to declaring that life begins "at fertilization," it blocks tax breaks for abortion providers and requires doctors to address a weak link between abortion and breast cancer.