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Senate Budget Committee Digs Into Democratic Proposal

The Democratic budget proposal differs from Rep. Paul Ryan's plan heard earlier this week, in that it shields federal workers and raises trillions in new revenues.


Will CPAC Tell Us Which Way The GOP Is Headed?

This annual gathering of conservatives is the first since President Obama thwarted Republican efforts to retake the White House, a defeat of Mitt Romney that many in the GOP didn't see coming. And while there will be some backward glances, the conference is mostly about finding the way forward.

It's Still Early, But GOP Hopefuls Test The Waters For 2016

From Chris Christie to Jeb Bush, a slew of potential candidates for president have been getting attention. Most of them are speaking this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference, but a few pointedly were not asked.

As Democrats Unveil Budget, Obama Continues Charm Offensive With GOP

The Senate on Wednesday began working through the trillion dollar spending bill to keep government running through the end of September. Amid all the talk about budgets, the legislation is actually the only one that's necessary to avoid a March 27 government shutdown. Meanwhile, President Obama continued his charm offensive with a visit with House Republicans. Melissa Block talks to Tamara Keith.

On Message: The Battle To Define 'Balanced' Budget

Democrats and Republicans are working from very different definitions of the term in discussing their budget proposals unveiled this week.