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Sen. Marco Rubio Touts Upcoming Immigration Bill

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio hit the Sunday morning TV talk shows to promote, and preemptively defend, the bipartisan immigration overhaul that is expected to be released this week. Rubio appeared on seven nationally broadcast shows.

Evangelicals Try To Soften Hearts On Overhauling Immigration

The evangelical movement, historically, has not been supportive of overhauling immigration. But that stance is changing. The Evangelical Immigration Table has united a diverse section of religious groups — from the social justice organization Sojourners to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Supreme Court Asks: Can Human Genes Be Patented?

Same-sex marriage got huge headlines at the Supreme Court last month, but in the world of science and medicine, the case being argued on Monday is far more important. The lawsuit deals with a truly 21st century issue that in some cases can pit drugmakers against patients.
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A Conversation With Investigative Journalist David Corn

Journalist David Corn talks about his latest scoop: audiotape of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s aides mocking would-be political rival, actress Ashley Judd. Corn talks with Diane about investigative journalism and the state of politics today.


Labor Nominee's Civil Rights Work Draws Praise, Controversy

Tom Perez has been one of the most aggressive advocates for civil rights in decades. He prosecuted a record number of hate crimes cases and got huge settlements from banks that overcharged minorities for home loans. But Republicans say he has questions to answer about a whistle-blower case.

A Brief History Of Secret Recordings

Sen. Mitch McConnell is the latest victim in what has become a tradition in American politics. We look back at some of the other politicians whose private dealings were made public.