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The Future Of The House And Chicago Politics

NPR's Political Junkie Ken Rudin recaps the week in politics. Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, shares the Democratic strategy to retake the House of Representatives in 2014. Political consultant Don Rose discusses the future of Chicago politics.

Former Sen. Domenici Reveals 'Son Born In Secrecy'

More than 30 years ago, the New Mexico Republican says, he fathered a son out of wedlock. The mother is the daughter of another former senator. They've come forward now, they both say, because someone was going to try to use the information to smear Domenici.

Same Old Standoff In Washington?

President Obama wants Congress to act fast to avoid massive government budget cuts that could hit in March. Washington is seeing more gridlock as Republicans blocked a vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Host Michel Martin talks about the latest in politics.

Biden: For Protection; 'Buy A Shotgun, Buy A Shotgun'

Americans don't need assault-style weapons to protect their homes, says the vice president. He tells Parents magazine that he's advised Jill Biden to just fire off a couple blasts from their double-barreled shotgun if there are intruders on the property of their Delaware home.

Guilty Plea From Jesse Jackson Jr. Over 'Lavish' Spending

The son of Rev. Jesse Jackson was accused of using $750,000 of campaign funds on personal expenses and to buy things such as a $43,000 watch and a hat once worn by Michael Jackson.

Automatic Spending Cut Would Cause 'Hardship' For People

The Pentagon plans to notify members of Congress Wednesday about its plans to furlough some 800,000 civilian employees later this spring. That's just one consequence of the federal government's automatic spending cuts which are due to take effect next week. President Obama is urging Congress to halt the cuts, at least temporarily, while lawmakers try to craft a more lasting budget agreement.