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Sen. Michael Crapo Pleads Guilty To DWI

Despite his Mormon faith and publicly saying he doesn't drink, Idaho Sen. Michael Crapo has pleaded guilty to a DWI.


Secretary Clinton Now Expected Back In Her Office Next Week

The former first lady hasn't been at her desk since early last month. She's suffered from a stomach virus, a concussion and has been treated for a blood clot discovered behind her right ear.
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Analysis: 113th Congress Begins With New Lawmakers And Old Challenges

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about the freshmen on Capitol Hill, and the challenges some lawmakers will face.

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Rep. Delaney To Focus On U.S. Competitiveness In 1st Term

Freshman Maryland Rep. John Delaney (D) wants to focus on business and American competitiveness, and he has some criticism of the budget deal his new colleagues approved just before he was sworn in.

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Jim Webb 'Steps Out' Of U.S. Senate

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb says goodbye to the Senate this week, and his Virginia colleagues are remembering the lawmaker's short but significant stint in Congress. 


Budget Deal Provides Tax Breaks For Green Energy

Congress included an array of benefits for renewable energy and energy saving technologies in its "fiscal cliff" package. Homeowners can get tax credits for upgrading their houses to make them more energy efficient or buying energy star appliances. Industries that produce alternative energies from biodiesel to wind power got big incentives to produce more cleaner power.

Outspoken Alan Grayson Gets Another Chance In Congress

The Florida Democrat was among the House freshmen sworn in this week, but he's been through this before. He started serving in Congress four years ago, but lost a bid for re-election. Now he's back on Capitol Hill, and he shows no signs of softening his tone.