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GOP Pushback On No-Tax Norquist: Less Than Meets The Eye

A handful of Republicans in Congress say they won't honor the Grover Norquist-led no-new-taxes pledge if it prevents a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. "Grover still swings a hammer," says one adviser. "There just aren't as many nails." But others think entitlements, not taxes, could be the sticking point.

Fiscal Cliff Talks Resume As Deadline Ticks Closer

Negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff remained low-key in the first day of congressional work following the Thanksgiving holiday. Tamara Keith talks to Melissa Block.

Comedians Parody Two Sides Of President Obama

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have become well-known for their humorous take on race relations. Their video series featuring a cool President Obama and his Vesuvian "anger translator" Luther has become a viral sensation. The duo talks about using comedy to explore touchy racial issues in the 2012 campaign.

New 'War On Christmas' Takes A Fiscal-Cliff Twist

The White House issued a short report Monday warning of the risks to holiday spending and the 2013 economy if policymakers fail to reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. The report seemed aimed at raising pressure on Republicans to strike a deal with President Obama.

A Jolly Christmas? Retailers Count The Extra Days

Thanksgiving weekend spending shot up nearly 13 percent from last year, and there's more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year for people to shop. And if a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff comes just before Christmas, as some expect, it could brighten the economic mood of last-minute shoppers.
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Prince George's Democrats Campaign For Del. Tiffany Alston's Replacement

Prince George's County Democrats are calling on Maryland's governor to approve the appointment of Greg Hall as county delegate to Maryland's General Assembly, replacing Tiffany Alston, who was convicted of theft in June.


Republicans Consider Breaking Tax Vow

Congress comes back to work this week and the fiscal cliff is its top priority. Some Republicans have said they'll break a longstanding pledge not to raise taxes. Host Michel Martin talks politics with columnist Mary Kate Cary of U.S. News and World Report and The Root's political correspondent Keli Goff.