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Bill To Allow Two-Term Governors In Virginia Goes To House

The Virginia State Senate approved a Constitutional amendment this week that would allow governors to serve two consecutive terms, but the bill may not gain such favor in the House.


Polling Firm Gallup Lands In Legal Hot Water

The company's name has been tarnished by a whistle-blower lawsuit alleging that it overcharged the federal government, and by a guilty plea from a former FEMA executive for improperly steering business to the polling firm. For now, Gallup has been suspended from winning any new federal contracts.
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DREAM Act Moves Forward In Virginia

Members of the Virginia House have voiced support for legislation that opens educational pathways for immigrants, and it now heads to the state house.

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Analysis: Tackling Wage Disparity Between Sexes

One Maryland lawmaker is putting her foot down when it comes to the wage disparity between men and women in the United States.


Obama Lays Out Immigration Plan But Avoids Thorny Issues

The president endorsed the proposals unveiled Monday by a bipartisan group of senators. He called for a path to citizenship for the more than 11 million illegal immigrants. But he avoided issues such as how long those in the country illegally could be forced to wait before applying for citizenship.
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Local Activists Encouraged By Obama's Words On Immigration

President Obama spoke Tuesday about the need for comprehensive immigration form — a call that was received well by a group of immigrants and advocates in Maryland.

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The Push To Overhaul Immigration

A group of senators and President Barack Obama have both unveiled plans to fix what's ailing the nation's immigration policy. Kojo examines what they agree on and where the challenges lie.

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Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Stepping Down

Ray LaHood has announced he is leaving the Department of Transportation after four years in the Obama administration, leaving a legacy of toughness, collaboration on projects in the D.C. Metro region.

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State To Appoint New Emergency Management Chief For Garrett County

Maryland's governor is moving to replace the emergency management chief for Garrett County after a sluggish response to the effects of Hurricane Sandy in November.