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Sponsors Of Assault Weapons Ban Hope Newtown Shooting Changes Minds

Gun control advocates acknowledged they'll face big obstacles in Congress to a new ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. But they say the shooting last month of 20 schoolchildren in Connecticut could make a difference.

Congress Could Limit Senators' Ability To Filibuster

Senate leaders have reached an agreement to limit filibusters in the new Congress, especially as they relate to presidential nominations. But they stopped short of requiring senators to hold the floor in person and in real time, as the classic filibuster required.

Senate Filibuster Changes: More Evolution Than Revolution

After threatening to gut the rule that lets a single senator bring the Senate to a virtual halt, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has agreed to tweak rather than transform the practice. Under the accord, Democrats would gain the ability to skip a procedural step to begin debate on a bill.

John Kerry Lauded At Senate Confirmation Hearing

Sen. John Kerry appeared before fellow members of his Senate Foreign Relations Committee for his confirmation hearing as the next secretary of state on Thursday.

At Winter Gathering, GOP Asks: Where Do We Go From Here?

But Republican leaders say there won't be a sudden about-face in policy, despite recent disappointments at the polls. The party is focusing on message, technology and grass-roots organizing at its meetings in Charlotte, N.C.