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Meaningless In Missouri? Not In Santorum's View

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is looking for momentum as Republicans caucus and vote in three states on Tuesday: Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. And dissatisfaction with front-runner Mitt Romney in Missouri could point to a potential opportunity for President Obama in the fall.

Why Missouri Voters Have The 'Beauty Contest' Blues

With no delegates at stake in Missouri's GOP primary, many voters are upset that the "beauty contest" will cost taxpayers $7 million. It could also dampen turnout for the March 17 caucuses, which do actually count.

The Next Step For California's Gay Marriage Ban

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared California's same-sex marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, unconstitutional on Tuesday. This paves the way for a U.S. Supreme Court case that could have far-reaching implications for gay marriage around the country.

Poll: Majority Of Voters Support Birth-Control Benefit Rule

The new poll suggested that Mitt Romney might be "playing with fire," according to the polling firm's director, by opposing the rule since a plurality of voters, including Catholics, said his stance would make them less likely to vote for him.

For Obama, The SuperPAC Rubber Has Met The Road

Faced with a GOP fundraising advantage, the president's decision to reverse course and throw his support behind a pro-Democrat superPAC may be politically risky but also realistic.

California's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional, Court Says

The decision on "Prop 8" by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is now expected to be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Why Bother With Caucuses?

Contests in Iowa and Nevada have been plagued by embarrassing snafus. As Minnesota and Colorado head to their caucuses Tuesday, we look at why some states still bother with this primitive but uniquely American way of picking a president.