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Under Obama, U.S. Govt. Spends At Lowest Rate In Decades, Says Journalist

Max Nutting, a journalist who writes for the MarketWatch website affiliated with The Wall Street Journal looked at the data and found that rhetoric and reality don't quite match up. Nutting found that, contrary to repeated allegations from the president's political foes, including Mitt Romney that Obama has been on a federal spending tear, he actually hasn't.

Young Voters, Once Buoyed By Obama, Turn Away

In 2004, then-candidate Barack Obama campaigned on a message of hope and gained overwhelming support from young voters. In an op-ed in the Los Angles Times, Neal Gabler writes that many of those young voters are disappointed with his tenure, and they've turned to "DIY politics" instead.

Voters Agree It's The Economy, But Split On Who Can Fix It

President Obama and his expected Republican challenger are tied on the all-important question of who can best deal with the ailing economy, according to a poll released Tuesday.
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Work Group To Hash Out Prince George's Casino Proposal

A group of Maryland legislators and administration officials will meet over the next month to examine the possibility of allowing a casino to be built in Prince George's County.

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Thomas Gore, Vincent Gray's Campaign Aide, Pleads Guilty

A former campaign aide to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud and destroying evidence for his role in the Mayor's 2010 campaign. Lawyers believe other campaign officials may wind up facing charges as well.


Obama Defends Campaign Attacks On Romney

President Obama is back in Washington after a long weekend of international diplomacy. First there was the G8 summit at Camp David and then the NATO summit in Chicago. The Windy City is also home to the president's re-election headquarters, and at news conference Monday, he was forced to defend his campaign attacks on Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Obama Camp Hammers Away At Bain Capital Issue

The Obama campaign continues its attack on Mitt Romney's time at the private-equity firm Bain Capital. Over the weekend, Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker seemed to veer off the campaign's message. Later, Booker tempered his remarks in a YouTube video. But it didn't take long for the Romney campaign to seize on Booker's comments.

Obama Made A Strong First Impression At Harvard

After their first meeting in 1989, legendary law professor Laurence Tribe was so impressed with the skinny first-year law student in jeans, a sweatshirt and an afro, that he made a special notation on his calendar. The student, Barack Obama, went on to become the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.