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A Rand Paul White House Path Complicated By Dad's Legacy

The Kentucky senator says he's "considering" a 2016 run for the White House. Backers tout the built-in support and money networks established during 2008 and 2012 presidential runs by his father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul. But others view the dad's libertarian legacy as a decidedly mixed bag.
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Analysis: Sequester Cuts Bump Into Heightened Security Concerns

Sequester cuts are beginning to manifest all around the D.C. region. Roll Call's David Hawkings explains the concerns on both Capitol Hill and in area airports.

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Referendum Could Grant D.C. Budget Autonomy

Voters are expected to approve a charter amendment would grant the District more control over its municipal budget.


An Exploration Of The Changing Lives Of Women

In the coming decade, another 1 billion women will enter the global workforce, with most moving from farms to service jobs. The workplace is changing women — and they are changing the world.

Stubbornly, Manchin Maintains Optimism On Background Checks

Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat who lent his name to bipartisan legislation that would have extended background checks for gun purchasers to gun shows and online sales, isn't letting go. At least not yet. Others in the Senate, however, seem ready to move on.
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Food Trucks: From The City To The Suburbs?

A look at changing regulations for food trucks in the District and the suburbs.


Boston Bombing Suspects Are Brothers Living In U.S. For Years

The two suspects in Monday's deadly Boston Marathon explosions and the Thursday night murder of a police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are brothers from a former Soviet republic who were in the United States legally for years and lived together in a Cambridge, Mass., apartment.

Breaking Down Senate's Immigration Overhaul Bill

The new Senate proposal to overhaul immigration policy is more than 800 pages long. Host Michel Martin gets a crash course on some of the details and what they mean for immigrants and the rest of the country. She's joined by immigration lawyer Sonia Ansari and Matt Barreto from the polling group, Latino Decisions.