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Some U.S. Conservatives See Obama In France's Hollande

The traditional phone call an American president makes to congratulate any new leader of a major American ally became cause for suspicion, as did the invitation Obama extended to France's new socialist leader, Francois Hollande, to visit the White House before the NATO meeting in Chicago and the G-8 Summit at Camp David.

Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar May Not Survive Tuesday's GOP Primary

In 1974, Richard Lugar was known as "Richard Nixon's favorite mayor," which didn't help his bid for the Senate. Now, with the Tea Party calling him "Barack Obama's favorite senator," he is in real danger of losing the GOP primary on Tuesday.

What Do April's Job Numbers Mean?

Host Michel Martin discusses April's jobs report with Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., head of the Congressional Black Caucus, and NPR's Business Editor Marilyn Geewax. Just 115,000 jobs were created, fewer than most economists expected, but the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent.

VIDEO: Biden On Being Comfortable With Same-Sex Marriage

What matters is "who do you love?" And, whether you'll be loyal to that person, not the genders of those involved, the vice president says.
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Protesters Fight For Immigration Rights

Protesters unhappy with how deportation cases are being handled will be voicing their concern at immigration offices across the country today.


Ron Paul Backers Dominate Nevada's GOP Convention

Mitt Romney is not the only Republican running for president. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is still in the race. Over the weekend in Nevada, Paul supporters outnumber Romney backers at the state GOP convention in Sparks.