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Justice Department's Tom Perez Tapped For Labor Secretary

President Obama announced his choice to be Labor secretary on Monday. It's Tom Perez, a Justice Department civil rights leader — bringing a high-profile Latino to the Cabinet.

Republicans' Secret To Success? Sound And Act More Like Democrats

The Republican National Committee report offers the party a way forward after its 2012 failure to defeat President Obama, who was long seen as vulnerable because of a relatively high jobless rate and uninspiring economic growth.

Break Down In Motor City Over New Manager?

Detroit's emergency fiscal manager is tasked with turning around the city's troubled finances. But some residents say they've been robbed of the right to pick their own leaders. Host Michel Martin speaks with Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley, about future of the Motor City.

Hillary Clinton Announces Her Support Of Gay Marriage

The move is seen by many as aimed at bolstering a key constituency ahead of a run for the White House in 2016.